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Getting a well behaved dog has never been so easy!

The Dog Academy brings the training class to you. Stop wasting time surfing the web or stressing over your dog's bad behavior and start training today. 

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I’m on a mission to make training your dog simple, convenient and 100% humane. 

Let's face it, you’re busy. You have a career, go to the gym, have a social life and you binge watch Netflix on the weekend. Fido is your best friend and #1 in your heart, but how will you find the time to go to classes or pay for private training?

If your goal is to have a well-behaved dog and you want to do what's right, then you need to start training now, before that naughty streak gets worse, and it will get worse. Get guided professional help that you won't find anywhere using the proven Fast Track Freedom Method. 

The Dog Academy is perfect if you want if you want an easy dog. This self-pace program that covers puppy problems, obedience and good manners and advanced skills. 

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Imagine How You Will Feel When Your Dog Finally Listens To You

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From not listening to coming when called, listen to Pony's story after a couple of weeks in our online program.


The More Your Dog Practices Naughty Behavior, the Better He Gets At It, and Longer It Takes to Change


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“These videos helped me teach my foster puppy Bane to be calm in his crate.  I’m really bummed I didn’t start any of this training with him sooner. Instead I just tried to put a band-aid over it. Now I know what to do.”

Heather C. Founder of Lovebugs Rescue

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"I learned more from this program than from 3 years of Obedience Class with both of my dogs."
Patti C.
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